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2018 Intuitive Painting Demonstration


You’re invited to my Campbellville country studio. Join me on a new adventure at the start of a fresh canvas as you enjoy an intuitive painting demo

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Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods is an unframed oil painting on a 10 x 8” art board.  A young girl barefoot in a puddle blends in with the sky on the right ha

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I was x-country skiing in the woods behind my Campbellville studio today.  The warm sun was breaking through the trees and pushing blue shadows a

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In Time for the Holidays!

Some great happenstances have occurred so my artwork is available to you from many exciting places! I have oils and collages at the Williams Mill Vis

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2017 Milton Area Studio Tour

Welcome to My Studio! Sat. Sept 30 & Sun. Oct 1 from 10am - 5pm as part of the Fine Art Society of Milton's Studio Tour - a Free, self-guided tour

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Waiting is mixed media painting on watercolour paper.  This piece began as a live painting with Tribe of One on one of our tours to the Northwest

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Kite Tangled in the Clouds

Kite Tangled in the Clouds is a 6 x 12" oil painting on wood panel available from my Campbellville ON studio.  The painting depicts a couple flyi

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Kitchen Foxes

Kitchen Foxes is a whimsical 6 x 8" oil painting on wood panel with two red foxes intermingled with small figures and houses.  I have been a bit

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