Contemplation, Wild Day

Contemplation, Wild Day, oil on canvas, 48 x 60″, Tina Newlove, ©2021, sale inquiries at Towne Square Gallery, Oakville ON Canada

In Contemplation, Wild Day a central figure is sitting on a swing reading on her phone amidst green foliage, lemon yellow and pale pink. Dynamic, swirling lines highlight figures and bird nests with eggs, while houses and flowers grow and seed the earth.

There was a swing on the top of a hill attached to a large maple tree where I grew up in Glen Williams. Many childhood thoughts were thought on that swing. There’s also a swing at my Campbellville Studio attached to a large Sugar Maple where I think adult thoughts now.

Towne Square Gallery

detail. Contemplation, Wild Day, oil on canvas, Tina Newlove, ©2021