Covid Cocoon Emergence

Hi All, I hope you are well through these challenging times!

I have just completed a thoroughly enjoyable and sanity saving oil painting commission for a private collection in Milton. It was the perfect time to be working on an abstract escarpment landscape with lavender fields, changing weather and figures in nature. Flower Picking on the Escarpment, Changing Weather is 40 x 60″ oil on canvas.


Picking Flowers on the Escarpment; Changing Weather, oil on canvas, 40 x 60″, 2020, private collection


Aug 7 – 10 I was privileged to take part in an Artist Residency through the Stone and Sky Festival and Windsor Feminist Theatre.  Usually occurring on Pelee Island, this year I was so greatful to take part in the Covid modified version and escape to a beautiful tiny home donated from Bunkie Life, with a porch/stage in a backyard oasis in Windsor ON. A pear tree outside the window, a cozy loft bed and the best hosts to hang with and have enriching conversations.

I took my favourite watercolour kits including one from Beam paints and a 36 x 60” canvas for my live performance with Gord Grisenthwaite, a writer and poet and jazz musicians Ray Manzerolle and Mike Karloff.

There were 10 of us, as Windsor was still in Stage 2, with performers, crew and audience of three with an overflow watching from the alley and the neighbours floating in their pool. It was a wonderful time and I was happy with my finished piece which was sold as well.

Looking Through to the Landscape, Clotheslines and Pear Trees, acrylic, 36 x 60″ 2020, sold

Keep an eye out for small artwork that I’ll be posting in my store and if you’re itching to see some work in person Hedi at the Gallery Upstairs in Milton has a large collection of my work available as well as Towne Square Gallery in Oakville.