Dancing in the Garden

My latest paintings at the Towne Square Gallery in Oakville ON include companion pieces Overseeing the Garden and Dancing in the Garden; Jester, oil on canvas, 48 x 60″ each, as well as Conversations, oil on canvas, 36 x 72″ (sold).

In Overseeing the Garden a prominent figure on the left hand side of the canvas, in a vibrant billowing dress, looks out over the intermingling activity of growing flowers and people. A person on a swing takes over the upper right hand corner while a couple goes for a walk under the trees in the lower right of the canvas. Figures holding bouquets interplay with shapes of children and a central figure, with what looks like cat ears, lounges to the left using the flower patterned, billowing dress of the main figure as their hips.

In Dancing in the Garden; Jester a prominent young figure on the right has wild hair or a hat and wears an outfit with a large collar and polka-dots. Smaller figures below him leap across the canvas with arms wide and lead the viewer’s eye into the flowers and figures on the left hand side of the canvas.

In Conversations pairs of figures walk together enjoying the landscape. On the left a pair hold a flag under a yellow tree on which a figure with a bouquet is seated on a swing. On the very lower central part of the canvas 2 figures of just heads and torsos look down as they walk and to the left further in the background there are a couple pairs of figures among house shapes under soft maroon trees.


I will be at The Gallery Upstairs this Saturday in Milton if this cold abates (I’m happy to say the covid test was negative!)