Dancing Into the Day

Figures leap and stretch into an undulating landscape of fields and fence lines in Dancing Into the Day. A stand of trees on the viewer’s left reaches into a sky of sunrise colours while a figure in yellow jumps into the day admiring flowers. Small homes lead the viewer’s eye to the right to land on a figure in orange with matching hair and framed by a striking dark geometric field shape, feeding two hens with arms wide open. A tree in the top right blends in with a line of trees in the background while the day ends with a small setting sun and a quiet figure below in the bottom right of the canvas.

This piece has just arrived at Towne Square Gallery in Oakville who also has a fantastic new website to check out with an updated catalogue of the paintings they carry of my work.

Dancing Into the Day, oil on on canvas, 40 x 60, available at Towne Square Gallery

Full disclosure the two hens are Chanti and Claire and they are my Chantecler, cold-hearty, dual purpose chickens that occasionally pop into my paintings and generally oversee the goings on at the Newdriks Farm (which is just a fond expression for our garden and small greenhouse set-up etc., not a full-fledge farm).

Sunbathing, Preening and pooping on the doorstep.
Overseeing our Bunkie build for extra studio space and satellite Artist Residencies but also the hens are convinced it’s their new coop.