In the Red

Andrew Hendriks and Tina Newlove deliver a multi-layered visual and sound expression under the name In the Red.  Working together since 2002, Hendriks and Newlove’s concept of a multi disciplinary performance pulses with life and is infused with a sense of playfulness and adventure.

Andrew Hendriks has been DJing, composing and performing electronic music for 10 years, drawing upon his musical studies and an intimate knowledge of techno, house and dub. Over the course of five albums, Hendriks has developed a unique fusion of minimal dub techno, Detroit house and more experimental ambient textures.

Under the acronym Automated Soul, Andrew’s latest project has caught the attention of the Toronto record label Mixed Signals who have picked up his track titled Spread the News. Using loops and samples, Hendriks cuts and stitches sounds using analog and digital mediums to make funky dance music.

Tina Newlove has been working as a professional artist since 1996. During the live set Newlove works to record and paint a direct expression of the music using layers of organic washes and heavy mark-making. Abstract figures and buildings are carefully constructed and then deconstructed as Newlove captures thoughts of man and machine, urban life and concepts of hope and freedom in concert with Hendriks’ approach in layering complex sound samples.

In contrast to corporate mainstream media, Tina and Andrew convey the patterns and sounds of everyday life…the weave in the fan, the stitching in the organ, the

steady chug of the dishwasher, flowers from the market, life cycles, death cycles, wash cycles… recording the beautiful, the delicate, the detailed, the organic and the non-violent.  Both draw from their own experience as they experiment with how life, music and art interconnect.

Love Letters, Monoträne, 2012