Live Painting Events and Demos


July 19, 2018 – Andrew Hendriks and Tina Newlove, ***NOT Sold Out, live painting/music poolside, Langdon Hall, Cambridge ON. tickets available

Check out our performance video to see what we do from my Solo Exhibition A Little Truth in Everything.

Tina Newlove and Andrew Hendriks, A Little Truth in Everything Performance, 2016

It’s that time again. Time to start a new love.

I am finishing up three paintings and before they are done I need to start the next batch of washes and ideas.  I have connected the pieces of my studio practice and  live performance painting that I have done since 1997, now I know that the best way for me to start a new large canvas is to include music, dancing and you.

My new work celebrates the crossing paths of families and communities.  I am interested in exploring how singular life choices affect, challenge and overlap those boundaries. Like an out of control flow chart the actions of one can gently influence another or have far reaching unintended consequences.  The layers in my paintings of figures and buildings and natural environments emerge from the background as they influence the movement and flow of the composition in complicated relationships and vie for the viewer’s attention.

Now I need a small group of you to help influence the next work!  My last demonstration was a comfortable, intimate studio affair limited to 5 participants and I will be offering a similar experience the end of July or mid-august.  I am looking for expressions of interest and will work dates and times around those.

Please contact me here by email or call the studio: 905-854-0238


2018 Intuitive Painting Demonstration

Date:  To be announced

Time:  11am – 2pm, snacks provided, discussion, demo, Q&A, preview new works, walk the labyrinth, Sketchbooks and photos welcome.

Cost: $100.

Medium:  acrylic and oil

Where:  10461 Second Line Nassagaweya, Campbellville (one hour west of Toronto in beautiful escarpment country, 10 mins northwest of Guelph Line and 401 between Tenth and Fifteenth SideRds)

I will discuss my process and colour palette before beginning an aprox. 40 x 60” canvas. Then I will paint in acrylics to music demonstrating the first washes and the development of theme pulling out shapes, figures and wrestling with composition. Discussion and questions to follow.  If time permits I will work on a previously started canvas in oils to show the progression of the next layers.

Space is limited to 5 participants to make sure there is adequate room for comfort and snacks. Further dates will be made available if the spots fill up quickly. 

I am offering this demonstration and preview of new paintings to interested artists who follow a similar process and are looking for depth and inspiration; to artists who paint traditionally but would like to be open to a more intuitive practice; and to those who would like an inside look into what goes on behind one of my finished paintings.