They Made a Garden in the City

$900 CAN

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They Made a Garden in the City is an original watercolour, image size 18.5 x 13.5″ and framed 29.5 x 23.5″, completed 2014.  This painting depicts a young couple in spring-like colours surveying their small garden with growing plants in the foreground and simplified house shapes in the background. The young women has bunny ears signifying her intuition. I’ve used that symbolism in other paintings often titled Rabbit Ear Reception.

Rabbit Ear Reception, watercolour, 2011

And this painting reminded me a bit of one of my poems from a ways back:


Her Heart was in the Garden

her heart was in the garden

gently rattling

the bone cage

of her inner frame

a runaway target

in a masculine, feminine game


the past was drawing her attention

in lines of skeleton type

door frames, bed frames

and flowery wallpaper