Mural: Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul

I am excited to announce my design for a 33’ mural for the Milton District Hospital Expansion Project has been approved. Thanks to the initiative of our president Ursula McDermid of the Fine Arts Society of Milton (FASM) we have partnered with the Halton Healthcare Redevelopment Group to complete the mural titled “Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul” for the new Hospital foyer.  

Milton's Nature Warms the Soul design

Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul design

Brainstorming sessions with the Halton Healthcare Redevelopment Groups’ Project Analyst, Architect, Consultants/Designers and FASM have resulted in my creation of a scene of the Milton Escarpment which includes the four seasons, a reference to Milton’s historical brickwork, farmland and natural landscape. I sought to highlight the warmth and healing of nature in all the seasons and a sense of our interconnected community.

Nancy Cuttle (Sculptor) has been instrumental in working out sizes, materials and implementing the bas-relief sculptural qualities of the design. The mural itself will be painted in acrylics over the primed and textured bas-relief sculpture on wooden panels 8 x 8′, 8 x 16′ and 8 x 8′.

Thanks to all of our amazing FASM volunteers!

FASM onsite checking out measurements and the progress of the foyer.

FASM onsite checking out measurements and the progress of the foyer.

You can check out our progress in person and show your support at our work space in the Milton Mall at 55 Ontario St. S.

This is a community project and  FASM is looking for support in a variety of ways:  Become a Member! Your fee supports this project while receiving all the benefits of membership for a year and allows you to participate hands on in one of our painting parties to prime and seal the mural.  Purchase a box set of 4 beautiful Art Cards representing the seasons in the Mural (soon to be available at the Mall location). I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the cards and sale of the original final watercolour to the FASM Milton Hospital Mural Project. We’ve received a project grant from the Milton Community Fund to defray some costs but we are in need of corporate sponsors to see this project to completion.

detail. Winter, left panel

detail. Winter, left panel

I look forward to meeting and sharing this project with you. Stop by the Milton Mall, Wednesdays and Thursdays 4 – 8pm through April/May.