Nervous Wait, Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery

Please join me September 4th, 2014
from 6 – 9pm for the Opening Reception
of my solo exhibition
Nervous Wait @ the Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery.

27 John Street North, Hamilton ON, L8R 1H1

Live music and painting by Andrew Hendriks and Tina Newlove from 7 – 8pm. Show continues to September 27, 2014

Tina Newlove’s new work conveys a sense of jitters or hyper awareness. Overlapping layers of paint and form create compositions that make the viewer slightly agitated, encouraging them to spend time taking in each part of each beautiful painting.

Metaphorical scenes catch figures in moments of contemplation, anxiety or in mid-conversation with unseen counterparts. The figures in my oil paintings struggle to be seen and heard versus their desire to hide under the viewers’ sightline. Layers of paint define and then defuse the themes adding complicated relationships between repeating shapes and the overall composition. I explore situations where women interact with themselves, nature, children, men and the controllable and uncontrollable environments around them.