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I was x-country skiing in the woods behind my Campbellville studio today.  The warm sun was breaking through the trees and pushing blue shadows a

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Blanketed Crowd 2008 Poem and Painting

It was complicated sorting out The threads that tied us together the towers and wires and wireless webs woven around our heads, stitched us tog

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12 months in a Year

January the sky was clear the snow was crisp I aired my concern to the trees floating by while my heart stood still Nothing made sense

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Walking into April, oil on Board, Tina Newlove, Latcham Gallery, 2008, Insubstantial

he was insubstantial as he walked along the wind blew through him his head floated along at head level he was looking without meaning his hear

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Global Warming

I tried to take leave by way of an icy retreat but the ice kept receding from my unstoppable blush and I drowned on my way home ©Tina

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Apples, Appetite, oil on dictionary page, Tina Newlove, Webster's Dictionary
Apple Blushing

there were fruit flies clustered on this juicy talk apple parts with fleshy bits pinks and lemon yellow last sip of wine, skin, skinned blushing a

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Protest Girl, PROTECTION, Latcham Gallery, Tina Newlove, Flag, mixed media
Protest Girl

Petitions Protest letters Signing and signing and signing I opened my heart and out came a flag to wave in the wind to create a breeze in t

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My Angel Was An Orange Canary

My Angel was an Orange Canary who flew away My Spirit was a red bird who sang to me from the Heart of a tree that held the moon My Soul was a

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