Sailing Into the New Year

How are the merry band this holiday season? I hope everyone is riding out this winter storm in a cozy place, and unsheltered folk find warmth and safety in our communities.

My paintings lately are bright and beaming with hope so I look forward to confidently sailing into 2023 like the figure in this 72 x 40″ oil on canvas painting which will be available at Towne Square Gallery, Oakville in the New Year.

I have two little bunny paintings looking for a home. Rabbit Ear Reception is a theme I keep returning to where rabbits or figures with long ears are empathetic and tuned in to their environment. Rabbit Leaving Home is about independence and new adventures ahead. These two oil paintings on wood panel are 3 x 4″ and are available from the studio. You can use my contact page here for inquiries.

Rabbit Ear Reception, oil on wood panel, 4 x 3″, 2022
Rabbit Leaving Home, oil on wood panel, 3 x 4″, 2022

Best wishes for happy sailing through the holidays and into the New Year.