Social Settings, Artist Statement 2019



2019 Artist Statement, Tina Newlove, pronouns she/her.


Social Studies

Social Settings


Human patterns


My work plays with the overlap of rural and urban locations and with

the interactions of people in social settings.


The themes relate to the intersection of work and family, alienation in modern society and the necessity of withdrawing into nature. I am interested in friends grouping together and grassroots movements.


At first glance, the viewer sees an abstract patterning of layered colour in the paintings. On closer inspection, there are small homes perched on the shoulders of figures, women concerned for their children and birds flying around the neighbourhood. Moments of rest in busy days.


The work is concerned with inclusion, safe spaces, fleeing and rehoming. Figures embedded in undulating landscapes navigate their way towards an uncertain future. Searching for home, is it in your heart, is it a place or is it present in the people you are with?


Water Lapping at Our Feet, oil on canvas, 54 x 48”, 2019, available