SOLD Tree Bearing Fruit

$300 CAN

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Tree Bearing Fruit, watercolour on dictionary page, 8.5 x 11”

I found this unique, unfinished piece in one of my paper drawers recently and finished it up.

It is an unframed dictionary page which I chose for the tree theme. In pencil, I underlined interesting phrases and applied a gesso base coat before working in watercolour. To complete this painting, I needed to fill in the lithe tree trunk.

I have worked directly on dictionary pages or pages printed onto canvas many times over the years since my graduation show at McMaster University in 1996. I had a series of small works like this apple page.

Momento Mori: Skeleton, Heart Gun is an exploration of body image and poetry from 2006. The visual structure of the dictionary page and the skeleton definition form the background. I use the definition and illustration of a word as an entry point for the viewer and then weave my thoughts and ideas on the subject through the words and letters of the page, highlighting themes and conclusions from the patterns I see.

Oil on printed canvas 39 x 27 x 2.5” $2200. plus shipping

Momento Mori: Skeleton Heart Gun, oil on canvas, 39 x 27″, $2200 plus shipping

My poem Her Heart was in the Garden contributed to this painting:


her heart was in the garden

gently rattling

the bone cage

of her inner frame

a runaway target

in a masculine, feminine game

the past was drawing her attention

in lines of skeleton type

door frames, bed frames

and flowery wallpaper