Tribe of One

Tribe of One, 2010, Lebovic Centre for Arts & Entertainment

Tribe of One are world-class performers who fuse the rich heritage of indigenous cultures with modern forms of artistic expression. Featuring First Nations, Metis, French & English musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets, Tribe of One create wildly unique, one-of-a-kind performances.

Since its inception in 1998, Tribe of One has developed a reputation for creating technically innovative, highly adaptable, cross-cultural entertainment that engages audiences through an amazing blend of Sound, Physical Movement & Dance, Performance Painting, Slam Poetry.

Check out Tina’s live painting CV with Tribe of One .

Sound – Rik Leaf & Marie-Josee Dandeneau, who play over a dozen instruments between them, fuse indigenous instruments from cultures around the world create a thunderous Tribal tapestry that layers First Nations pow-wow & hand drums with didgeridoo, ocarinas, slide/acoustic guitar and fretless/upright bass.

Physical Movement and Dance – Anishinabe First Nations dancer and choreographer, Buffy Handel, sets emotions in motion through a combination of traditional and modern dance styles, regalia and costumes that fuse hoop, jingle and fancy shawl choreography with salsa, samba and Brazilian capoeira.

Performance Painting – Award winning painter and performance artist, Tina Newlove, creates stunning visual images on stage throughout each performance, sweeping audiences up into the creation process as images and colours emerge from an empty canvas infused with the swirl of music, movement and creative energy on and off the stage.

Storytelling– Socially conscious lyrics, slam poetry, instrumental soundscapes and spontaneous narratives transport audiences through the ancient art of storytelling to a world of imagination and wonder.